One Shoulder Dress Tutorial for American Girl Dolls

One Shoulder Dress Tutorial for American Girl Dolls

This outfit was inspired by a dress from Justice (photo below) but a simpler version. Also, this is like a combination of Saige’s pink sparkle dress (the one shoulder style) and her meet outfit (the royal blue color). So Saige is definitely the best model for this outfit. I have done a lot of skirt tutorials in this blog so I thought I would shift to making dreses and this is my first take on it. I think it’s lovely, “adollable” indeed.



1) Cut your fabric using your favorite bodice pattern. Make sure that the length of the bodice is about 1/4 inch below the waistline. Sew them together on the shoulder seams. Do this for both the main bodice and lining. If you do not have a bodice pattern yet, the free Liberty Jane tank top pattern is a good one.


2) After sewing them together on the shoulder seams, turn to the right side and pin together the front and back pieces, making sure they are aligned. Then, cut your front piece, bodice pattern similar to the pattern at the photo above. Pin it to keep in place. Follow the pattern and cut on the part indicated by the arrow as shown in the photo. Make sure that you are cutting the back piece too.

Do the same thing for the lining. Turn to the right side and pin the pattern, but this time, pin it to the left side of the front bodice as indicated in the photo.


3)The photo above shows what the pieces would look like after cuting. This will be the front side and one back piece is detached.


4) Align the main bodice and lining together. Pin and then sew together as indicated by the lines shown in the photo above. You can also sew the shoulder strap in. I cut extra on the shoulder strap and measure later on the doll to see how long I need it before sewing on the back piece. I used a matching ribbon for the strap.

Do the same thing for the back pieces. With right sides together,sew them as indicated by the red arrow at the photo above.


5) After sewing them together, clip the corners and the curves and then turn to the right side. Sew the bodice together at the sides.


6) Cut the skirt part. Mine measures 6 inches in length x 30 inches in width. Hem the bottom part and zigzag or serge both sides. Gather the skirt until its the same width as the bodice. With right sides together, sew the skirt to the bodice. This is also the part where you can attach the shoulder strap on the back piece. Measure it on your doll to check how long you need. Then just hand sew it.


7)Sew the back seams together to finish the skirt. Start the seam about 2 inches below the waistline. Sew the velcro for closure. I used a matching royal blue ribbon for the belt and strap.


8) The finished product. Yay! its soo cute.

My inspiration – a dress from Justice.


Saige looks so pretty in the dress.

saige saige4

DOWNLOAD THE BODICE PATTERN HERE. Please credit my blog – www.SewAdollable.Com.
(Please skip steps 1 & 2 of the tutorial if you are going to use the pattern).
Print “ACTUAL SIZE” from your printer.

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