Skater Skirt Tutorial – American Girl Dolls

Skater skirt is a trend that I have been seeing a lot lately so naturally, we would expect to see this fashion on American Girl Dolls too. Liberty Jane’s Euro Libby Piccadilly features a skater skirt and they have a pattern for a similar skirt too at pixiefaire. So I am coming up with my own version; the thing is, I had this a long time ago in this blog. I am referring to the circle skirt that I posted here, we just need to make simple revisions to turn it into a skater skirt.

Skater Skirt Tutorial for AG Dolls

For this skirt on Saige, I used a black elastic so that the doll can wear it with the top tucked-in. From this photo, you can see how the skirt how flows naturally.

Skater Skirt for AG Dolls

These skirts are so called by this name because they resemble the skirts worn by figure skaters. They are usually short, drapes freely and commonly worn in a high-waisted style. We will try to achieve that so let’s get started.

I used knit fabric for this skirt and that’s the type of fabric I recommend for it to look drapey and flowy.

1)Start by cutting a 13 inches x 13 inches square of knit fabric. I used a t shirt for this tutorial which I got as a sale item for less than $2 at Old Navy and its an XL size. So I still have a lot of extra fabric left after this.

skater skirt tutorial

2)Fold the fabric in half, then fold it in half again. Now, fold your square piece for it to look like a triangle.


3) Cut the triangle to form the skirt. The photo below illustrates the measurements for cutting the fabric to form the skirt.


4) You will now end up with a donut-shaped fabric when you unfold it.


5) Cut it to open up the fabric.


6) Spread it out and hem the bottom of the skirt. I just fold it once at about 1/4 inch.


7) Cut a waistband measuring about 13 1/2 inches x 2 inches. It should be as long as the skirt when lay flat. Sew the waistband. You can find the tutorial on how to sew the waistband here.


8) Feed a 10 1/2 inch long elastic to finish the waistband.


9) Sew the back seam, make sure you include the elastic and the skirt is done.



This is the skirt that I made in the tutorial above. This is the actual color…its because of the lighting that the photos above made it look more like red.

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