More Duct Tape Shoes Ideas

Our Toms-like duct tape shoes tutorial became really popular. I got so many comments from the members of AG playthings Forum as well as from the subscribers of Doll Diaries when it was posted there. As of to date, it’s pinned close to 200 times (now pinned more than 1000 times) and our video tutorial has close to 1,500 views already ( now more than 26,000 views). It was really fun and things like this make me happy.

So over the weekend, my daughter and I got crazy with duct tapes again. We still have some left over duct tapes and we decided to buy the Hello Kitty one. We made more shoes in different styles. I never realized that duct tape can really be that versatile, till this. Also, there are tons of possibilities for making AG doll shoes, you just have to use a little creativity and imagination. Just apply the basic steps in our video tutorial and do a little tweaking to create more unique shoe styles. Here are some photos of what we did over the weekend. They turned out really pretty…cute…and fits the doll perfectly. Plus, they seem really durable…I am officially a duct tape fan now…

Our dolls love them, as you can see in these photos they can stand on it.

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