One Shoulder Dress Tutorial for American Girl Dolls

One Shoulder Dress Tutorial for American Girl Dolls

This outfit was inspired by a dress from Justice (photo below) but a simpler version. Also, this is like a combination of Saige’s pink sparkle dress (the one shoulder style) and her meet outfit (the royal blue color). So Saige is definitely the best model for this outfit. I have done a lot of skirt tutorials in this blog so I thought I would shift to making dreses and this is my first take on it. I think it’s lovely, “adollable” indeed.



1) Cut your fabric using your favorite bodice pattern. Make sure that the length of the bodice is about 1/4 inch below the waistline. Sew them together on the shoulder seams. Do this for both the main bodice and lining. If you do not have a bodice pattern yet, the free Liberty Jane tank top pattern is a good one.


2) After sewing them together on the shoulder seams, turn to the right side and pin together the front and back pieces, making sure they are aligned. Then, cut your front piece, bodice pattern similar to the pattern at the photo above. Pin it to keep in place. Follow the pattern and cut on the part indicated by the arrow as shown in the photo. Make sure that you are cutting the back piece too.

Do the same thing for the lining. Turn to the right side and pin the pattern, but this time, pin it to the left side of the front bodice as indicated in the photo.


3)The photo above shows what the pieces would look like after cuting. This will be the front side and one back piece is detached.


4) Align the main bodice and lining together. Pin and then sew together as indicated by the lines shown in the photo above. You can also sew the shoulder strap in. I cut extra on the shoulder strap and measure later on the doll to see how long I need it before sewing on the back piece. I used a matching ribbon for the strap.

Do the same thing for the back pieces. With right sides together,sew them as indicated by the red arrow at the photo above.


5) After sewing them together, clip the corners and the curves and then turn to the right side. Sew the bodice together at the sides.


6) Cut the skirt part. Mine measures 6 inches in length x 30 inches in width. Hem the bottom part and zigzag or serge both sides. Gather the skirt until its the same width as the bodice. With right sides together, sew the skirt to the bodice. This is also the part where you can attach the shoulder strap on the back piece. Measure it on your doll to check how long you need. Then just hand sew it.


7)Sew the back seams together to finish the skirt. Start the seam about 2 inches below the waistline. Sew the velcro for closure. I used a matching royal blue ribbon for the belt and strap.


8) The finished product. Yay! its soo cute.

My inspiration – a dress from Justice.


Saige looks so pretty in the dress.

saige saige4

DOWNLOAD THE BODICE PATTERN HERE. Please credit my blog – www.SewAdollable.Com.
(Please skip steps 1 & 2 of the tutorial if you are going to use the pattern).
Print “ACTUAL SIZE” from your printer.

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48 Responses to One Shoulder Dress Tutorial for American Girl Dolls

  • Karen says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely try this soon.

  • Sandi Dobbs says:

    Thanks for sharing this great tute. Can’t wait to try it for the granddaughters.

  • Pat A says:

    This is a wonderful! I wanted to make a dress for my grandaughter and I can actually use this to accomplish it; and she’ll have a matching one for her AG doll. Thank you so much

  • admin says:

    Thanks everyone. I’m glad you like it. Hope to most more dress tutorials in the future.

  • Maddie says:

    That’s so cute and I might try it later 🙂 Its a cute dress and I love how you got inspiration and used that to make your own <3

  • Carys says:

    Thank you! This saves alot of money, instead of buying from american girl, you can make your own! And have fun and learn! I love sewing, and learning new things to make for my dolls! I am so glad I learned about you and your crafty ideas! 😀

  • Linda says:

    I am so glad to find this website. I love to make my own patterns & you make it look so easy. My granddaugther and I love sewing together and making doll clothes for her american doll. Thank you

  • Smiling says:

    Well… It’s absolutely adorable and I hope I can make it.

  • Loraine says:

    What an adorable dress!! I do have a request though, Could you post the cut out bodice pattern for us? Or at least the measurements for the bodice? Thank you very much!

  • Alex and Morgan says:

    Hey my friend and i are going to make this dress for my little sister but we dont have the measurements or patterns and we arent the best sewers in the first place so could u post or send me the pattern?

  • ag4momb says:

    Hi there Sew Adollable, I am your new your new suby for Etsy, but I had been your fans in youtube for a while now. I love this dress and it will surely go well on my JLY doll which I will be turning into Saige. I am going to try this on a different kind of fabric tough, will see how it turns out and I will let you know. But definately I will try and make red and blue. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Cathie says:

    Your outfits and dresses are adorable. My grandaughters would go nuts over them. I would really like to get your free patterns and I can’t seem to locate them. Can you link me up please. I subscribed to your Blog this am.


  • Jo Lou says:

    Where is the pattern?

  • admin says:

    I just posted the pattern, sorry for the delay.

    • Lyubov says:

      Oh no! This is not good at all. I don’t really like the hair, I much prerfered her lighted brown colour and the outfit is not flattering on her whatsoever. I really really hope she will switch out the shoes for this tour. I have such high hopes and I think she needs to stick with Donna Karan

  • Cathie says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing with us!!!

  • Molly W. says:

    Is it okay to sell a dress I make with this pattern? It’s really cute!

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  • Janice Maiolatesi says:

    I gave my granddaughter Caroline 2 Christmases ago and this Christmas I gave her Saige. I had purchased some material like your blue but mine is hot pink. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it and than I discovered wonderful you. Thanks to you and your pattern I will make this dress for Saige and purchase another piece of similar material for Caroline. My granddaughter Gabby will be thrilled. Thank you Thank you for sharing. I will be more than happy to share where I got such an adorable dress. Blessings Janice

  • Jessica says:

    Does that mean that we’re allowed to sell dresses made from this pattern if we give your blog credit by including a link in the listing? Just wondering.

  • Renee says:

    Where did you find the ADORABLE blue sparkly shoes??? I love them!

  • Sue says:

    Thank you for this adorable dress. I know my DGD’s will love it!
    God Bless,

  • Isabelle says:

    Can I have one? And can you send it soon?

  • MAIYA says:

    Step 3 is really hard to understand

  • Debbie says:

    Do I need to add seam allowances? I measured it against a dress bodice top and it seems to be about 3/4″ smaller.

  • Lesley says:

    Lovely dress, thank you for sharing… grandaughter is sure to love it.

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  • Patricia says:

    I was looking for Christmas gifts for my two nieces – sisters. While looking for “Frozen” dress patterns I came across your blog. I am so happy I did. I can make two dresses in different fabrics. Thank you for the free pattern and tutorial! Need to get started!!

  • Liz says:


    This is a great find and I am using it to make a dress for my GD’s Am. girl doll. May I suggest that in your directions you include how you fasten the Velcro. I find it difficult to sew with Velcro when using a delticate fabric. thank you

  • Rebecca says:

    I am making this with hot pink for the top, and a floral print that’s shades of red and pink. I will use some black for the ribbon strap and sash. i think this should look great but not entirly sure.

  • The tutorial is great…it is the pattern for the bodice that is not…no matter how I try to print it is will not print to the proper size on my computer. I am really disappointed and don’t want to waste any more printer ink drying to resize it…

  • Adele says:

    Do I have to use knit fabric for the bodice, or can I use a different type of fabric, such as cotton? Thanks

  • Diana says:

    In step 6 it says cut skirt part… I don’t see a pattern for the skirt part, just the bodice is downladable

    • Diana says:

      oops went back and read again, gives measurements for cutting…sorry for not reading closer the first time, just looked for a downloadable pattern…

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